Khemed Dumein (keməd dūmāēn)

CG Agile Aasimar Paladin


Aasimar (from Volo’s) – Appears Human save for golden, pupiless eyes

Paladin Level 2

XP: 525

Abilities and Skills (* = proficient save)

Score, Bonus, Components
Skill, Proficient (X or _)
Str 12, 1, [Base: 12]
Athletics _
Dex 14, 2, [Base: 14]
Acrobatics X
Sleight of Hand _
Stealth _
Con 13, 1, [Base: 13]
Int 8, -1, [Base 8]
Arcana _
History _
Investigation _
Nature _
Religion X
Wis 12*, 1, [Base: 11, +1 Protector Aasimar]
Animal Handling _
Insight X
Medicine _
Perception _
Survival _
Car 17*, 3, [Base: 15, +2 base Aasimar]
Deception _
Intimidation _
Performance X
Persuasion X

AC 14 (Studded Leather = 12 + 2 Dex)

19 HP [lvl1(10)+lvl2(7)-2(Con +1x2)]
Hit Dice: 2d10

Weapon, Attack Bonus, Damage
Quarterstaff(versatile), 3, 1d6+3 B
Rapier(finesse), 4, 1d8+4 P

Wish List
Scimitar(finesse, light), 4, 1d6+2 S
Shortbow, 4, 1d6+2 P
Hand Axe(light, thrown), 3, 1d6+1 S

Prepared Spells:
Cure Wounds


Spell Slots
Level 1: 2/2


Chaotic Good, resentful of authority not based on merit. Relates to children, nonhumanoids, and outcasts as respected equals, their observations and opinions are often sharper than adult humans, comfortable and beholden to the ideology of their group.

Taken from his true family before he can remember, his Deva raised him with dream visions of his ancestors as humble heroes, and his destiny as a bringer of Light to dark places.
Kept in a gilded cage, held up to the people as an avatar of Light, Purity, and Order, actually a prop and mouthpiece for the true, corrupt leaders of a secretive religious community.
Escaped in his late teens, wanders to explore the wide world, experience new and different ways of thinking, help the innocent, and fight the forces of Lawful Stupid as much as those of Evil.

Does not consistently see eye-to-eye with his assigned Deva, who is Lawful Good but mostly not Lawful Stupid. They are nevertheless the only family and one of few friends he has known.

Does not offer nor withdraw trust lightly, but will work with those he sees as protecting the innocent and vulnerable.

Khemed Dumein (keməd dūmāēn)

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