Palinouros Zefuyn S. of Galana

Wild Storm Sorcerer - Air Genasi


Age: 22
Height: 5’4"

In sillouette, Palinouros looks mostly human in size and general features. They have light blue skin with thin spiraling lines patterned across their whole body. Their hair is almost a pure white, though just ever so slightly tinged with blue, long and braided loosely down their back, seemingly swaying constantly with the wind – even if there is none. Their eyes, noticeably much too large for their body size, glimmer with silver.

Languages Known [in order of learning]: Primordial, Gnomish, Common, Sylvan
Mage (Arcana, Charisma), Scholar (History, Investigation), High Society (Persuasion)

Air Genasi, Wild Storm Sorcerer
Chaotic Good
Level: 3
XP: 1,144/2,700
AC: 12
HP: 23
STR: 8
DEX: 14
CON: 16
INT: 16
WIS: 13
CHA: 17


Born of an air genie mother, and gnome father. They lived their early years with their father and his small tribe by the City of Galana in the south-eastern section of the continent of Raidho. Palinouros was sent as a child of 10 years, to The Ilmarin Mage Academy to study sorcery and learn to control their wild magic. Recently left to go explore the world with their new companion Serp, who had saved their life after an accident at the academy.

Palinouros Zefuyn S. of Galana

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