Sundays at the Treehouse

Day 71 - Chasing Illithids (Draft)

Day 71

wide open cavern, covered with phosphorous moss, difficult to walk through

Golly helps me to pack some of the moss in a glass jar to keep it alive – 1 Jar of Living Phosophorous Moss.

Golly hears some kind of music and starts walking off, Sidony tries to stop them but is ignored. Says he needs to find the humming, I hear it too, sounds perhaps to have some kind of magic behind it.

We follow after, find a room with a giant garden and this weird floating round moss creature with lots of eyes. It talks – says the moss eats dead skin cells, they mutually benefit each other – seems to be some creature simply covered with some strange moss. Orange and violet eyes, with diamond-shaped irises. It's name Zio the Gardener Beholder. It looks like a moss-covered beholder? Says it doesn't identify with the 'others', just wants to tend to it's garden. This is not how I've learned of beholders to act. Said it was dreamed up when the giants went to sleep. Sidony seemed a little off, was leaning on me. It just let us go, suprisingly, even pointed us in the right direction. When we got further away, Sidony seem to feel a bit better, it was inside their head likely reading their thoughts.

We make camp and rest after a couple more hours.

I study the find familiar spell that i've been holding onto for awhile now, and copy it into my spellbook.

Day 72

we continue on, moving quickly, hear some noise ahead. we see an upturned large cart, people all around, some of the Gith that were in front starting to try to help them. The captured people? As I run up, a mindflayer flies up, the Gith start attacking, and several of the captured start running towards us, weapons drawn. Thralls.

I fly up, try and see if my sister is among them, too chaotic, can't see well enough. Can't control my anger. I attack the thralls, unable to hold back. We defeat them, I see the Gith have defeated the mindflayer. I look around, calling out Tana's name and see someone pushing towards me. She's alive. Her eyes are strange, what have they done to her?


Tana is okay, says she's not hurt, that they didn't really harm her, just kept her caged up for a couple weeks. We rest for a short while, help the other survivors set up a makeshift camp

Day 73

As the Elder brain was dying, it seemed to have broadcast mental knowledge to all in the area. Things went wrong with the experiments, the mindflayers were getting sick. Took them awhile to figure out they were being poisoned. Some old enemy had come back. She's coming, one of the three. They will take us out one by one. 

We find around 30 dead humanoids, likely mostly thralls.

15 alive


- a strange shield with an eye implanted in it. 

- armor, almost encasing a thrall's neck and chest. seems to be maybe something to help with breathings, maybe underwater? made of some organic material, mixed with shells and bone.

- some small jewelry and identifying objects

- a strange horned helmet

- a strange bow with a couple arrows

- what looks to be a wand, feels damp when you touch it but doesn't leave my hand wet.

We start walking back as quickly as possible with the group of survivors.

1000 xp each

The Drow woman says we are always welcome in the sanctuary if we come back into the underdark.

Day 68 - Into the Underdark [DRAFT]

Day 68 (51st Day of Nidtesh)

found torchstock mushrooms – possibly explosive


found some edible mushrooms


(15, 8, 7)

fought spore creatures

225xp (Beryl, Ouros)

Day 67 - Draft


We get back from Madam Lavender's, and rest for the evening.

In the morning we head out, Golly got us some horses so it only takes a few hours.

The mages are done with the ward, a guard murmers the password "tumble blossom" as we come up to the barrier. one of the mages, an elf Erlined, comes u to us and updates us. I ask Beryl about teaching the mage a small druidic symbol we can mark our passage as we go, in case they need to find us. Walking up to the entrance of the cavern, I notice while it seems it was originally a naturally occurring cave, it has been carved out more by some creature. It's like there was once a doorway here, though perhaps not a fully materialized one. A we walk in, I think the cave was fairly small and most of the tunnels in are likely all creature-made. We come up to an archway leading down a passage to the right, and decide to check  it out before continuing forward. I send a message out before we head down, Erlined responds back, okay so far. Beryl marks our direction.

^ >*

Beryl points out a symbol on the wall, looks like a group of interlocking blocks, some kind of complex pattern, she takes a etching of them. 

We come up to another archway that leads into a room. I remember Serp's teaching of trap searching basics and investigate around the arch, but don't find anything strange looking. Stepping into the room, its egg-shaped, looks like it was carved along the grain of the rock, about 50ft across. Several archways branch off, though I can not see through them – as if some kind of darkness prevents me. One large archway and one smaller one. The room looks to have not been used in quite a while. Carved into the walls are what look like resting areas. I go up to one and explore more. Looks to be for a medium creature, perhaps at one time had cushions to sit on, looks like things have been removed. Perhaps this was a meeting area or central hub connecting to other parts of the tunnels. I look up. Two more tunnels veer off from the ceiling at an angle. Huh. Sidony whispers for us to stop, and points towards the small tunnel off the ground. I send a message back to the mage to update. It takes a minute, but I do hear a response, it is distorted though and I don't get the end of the message. Beryl tries the orb, works fine. I must be just reaching the end of my range. She also marks near the small passageway before we go through. 

We quickly come across another archway that opens up into a large hallway. I peek in. There are some strage apparatisus against the wall to my left, I walk over to look closer. They are casket-like objects inserted into the wall, partically carved from the stone, sealed shut with a glass front. Large enough to hold a medium humanoid. Can't quite see into them, the surface doesn't reflect well either. Look empty, but hard to tell. There are tubes running into each of them. I try to open one, but can't seem to find any way to do so. Against the opposite wall are a bunch of knobs, maybe one would open them? There is a symbol next to the knobs as well. Looks like some kind of complex pattern again. I try to figure out what it means and suddenly get a terrible headache, can't understand it. (disav to perception/concentration 1hr). I put on the circlet. It swears at me. I ask him if he can help, says it's soe kind of language that doesn't want me to read it. I look at it again and let him take over a bit, says it's less a symbol or word, more like a whole paragraph, and not exactly written. The message is given Psyonically. I'm concentrating and don't notice Sidoney coming up behind, and hits the symbol with the sceptre. The symbol suddenly changes. Oh dear. I look more at the knobs. The left most looks like it was once red, the center looks liek it was black, these both look like they maybe pop out or turn turn. The right one looks like it can be moved up and down, and is faded yellow. I fiddle with the middle black one, doesn't pop out, try to turn it to the right a little. I hear echoing sounds of like something old trying to move. I try turning it more. I start to hear sucking sounds, and see the tubes rattling a bit. I try turning it to the left, it starts resisting when I get it back to the original position. I try turning the red one to the right. Doesn't seem to move, and I hear a clicking sound like something is trying to move but hits a block. I look at the yellow one, it's centered in the middle. I push it up…nothing. Down…nothing. I push it up again, and this time leave it there and turn the red knob again. The caskets all open. They are all empty. 

There are two archways off the the side of the room – the larger one, at the end of the room, looks like it is in the direction of the other large archway in the room before. the tubes go into the caskets, more like tendrils, hanging like they are dead. Sidony goes up to look at the tendrils, I turn the black knob. One of the tendrils latch onto them. I turn the knob back as they are trying to get it off. It goes limp again. I try to get Beryl to go over to another casket, he refuses, so I convince him to turn the knob for us and go over to one myself. Sidony and I put our arms out underneath, and Beryl turns the knob. The tendrils attach to us, but nothing really happens, it's just mechanical. As beryl turns it off, I realize this was made to attach to a humanoid's head. Before I can convince Sidony to test this theory however, 3 humanoid walk through the archway, with a small creature at it's heels - looks like a brain. Oh fuck.

-150 xp

yellow-skinned humanoid ran in and killed the brain creature, just as Sidony was hit hard by some massive blow and fell unconscious.

old home of wicked things

gith – from the astral plane

monster with tentacle mouth – illithid (mind flayer). once a powerful race, ruling over many. Gith were slaves to them. thralls – tools of the illithid. Their skill is all in the mind, hard to break free if ever controlled unless the slaver is killed. The elder, strongest of mind, controls the rest. When an illithid is far enough away from their elder, their connection breaks. Natural preditors of all intelligent creatures. would sacrifice anything for self-survival

learn they kept the humaniods in pens before turning them into thralls or well food.

searching around, we find some itmes that look to be from the orc village. Serp finds a hair piece that has a pretty gem on it, it looks like my sister's – our step-mother made it for her, was always her favorite. I'd heard she'd been missing. these creatures have her? 

we find 2 horns of some strange creature – one look as if someone was starting to carve into it.

Find 1 shell of an exoskeleton from a large insect, larger than it should be – sidony says it looks like a creature who lights up, says folks use them as a light source, we leave it but should look out for live ones.

Long Bow and 5 arrows.

The Gith are going after the illithid clan that escaped, should maybe get back to escort the Lady if we go with them. It does not matter, I must go. I carefully wrap the comb and put it into my bag. Sidony also immediatly decides to go as well, seems more 

910 XP (Ouros, Sidony)

Day 66

Day 66 (49th of Nidtesh)

As I'm eating breakfast downstairs, Golly walks in to pick us up. Serp is still sleeping, I say she'll catch up. I ask Golly about his date the other night. Talks about Ranny's dog for the next 20 minutes, named Rangler, size of a wolf. He was a wonderful gentleman, great taste in dogs. Found out also that the folks we are escorting the Lady Imrodel to, is apparently where Mundry is. We go to pick up Sidony at the embassy. As we get near, Golly suddenly asks me what my favorite drink is, bets the housekeeper will have it ready. I laugh, you can't get what I like around here. To my surprise, sure enough, as we walk in a woman welcome's us and serves us each a glass as we wait. Hands be this fancy short glass, filled with Gnomish Sotol, no idea where she got a bottle. I haven't had any in years. We then head to the Arcane Tower to meet up with Beryl. We find them talking to the head mage and all sit down to discuss the danger near the orcs. We discuss having the mages set up a barrier to keep folk from going into the cave – with a password for those who need to, to pass in and out, guards are already on their way to stand watch. I ask if Sinon is around, I'd like to switch the scepter to another. I talk to Sidoney about it, and they agree it would be a good fit for them. A little while later, Sinnon appears behind us, "you were looking for me?" He starts drawing magic…circles, really just a lot of circles, moves us around in different circles for a few minutes. Aohan coughs and tells him to get on with it – guess he was just kind of messing with us to appease the scepter. He has us both calling out to the scepter that I want it, Sidony saying they don't. I hear what sounds like Sinnon's voice but much younger, in my head. Ritual is done, scepter is now connected to Sidoney. Sinnon starts cleaning up, cloth on his feet, sliding around like a kid might do. I show him my rubbing of the rune, ask if he's seen anything like this – seen no. Do you know what this is? – oh yes of course. What does it say? Oh their language doesn't work that way. and then says he must be off and disapears before I can ask more.

I ask Aohan if they have healing potions we could take with us – directs me to the tower's store for thier mages, we may purchase at a discount. (35gp each) I purchase 3 healing potions, using two of the gems plus 5 gp. 

We all meet up again, and I take our group to speak to Madam Lavender. 

I ring the bell, and there she is coming to the door, she looks excited for guests, welcomes us in. She of course recognizes Beryl as a watcher, and Sidney as nobility, Golly as a guardsman and his connection to giants. Has Golly help her bring in a large chair his size. I go over to the open window out to the garden, and say hi to the little sprite, she looks quite happy here. She goes to make more tea, and I help bring out a plate of food, already prepared of course. I tell her it seems this group may be traveling with us for an extended amount of time and so if they will be assisting Serp and I with our deliveries, I thought it would make sense to maybe see about having them join the organization. She goes off to find badges, isn't usually the one to welcome in new members, hasn't had to use them really yet. She gives a bit of a shpiel about the collective, also mentions that Sidoney has been the first to use the embassy since before the kingdom fell. I explain Serp and I were welcomed in by the Lord Draffolk Ellington, hired as couriers, paid quite well. This reminds her of the job we finished for collecting the flowers. She walks off, opens one of the many doors in her house, too many doors, and comes back with a pouch of coin. From the weight, it seems they have already included payment for the rest of the party. Says we should concentrate on this new issue we have come across, as the escort mission isn't until the end of the month anyways. I ask if she has any information on that other issues, and the disappearances and the cave, what we may expect. Says she has come up pretty dry, not much info is known. There was a similar occurrence several years ago, a few people disappeared. Also has found a possible pattern from before the kingdom fell of similar things happening. Unusual that it is so visual, so noticed. Perhaps something has come up closer to the surface than usual.

XP: 325 each (Golly +100)

Day 8ii Magician's Monastary [Draft]
As told by Palinouros of Galana

We head into the ruins through the broken wall the path leads up to, and find ourselves in  a hallway. Ahead is a crack in the wall small enough for maybe serp to fit through, another path goes forward, and one to the right which we follow for a short distance, until we find a door. Inside we find what looks to be remains of a dorm room. At the far end, the wall is totally gone, seems to lead elsewhere in the ruins. A large tree stands along the path. Seems like it was magically grown up into the roof, pushing it outwards I climb up and see similar looking trees poking out. To the left is a flooded section of flowing water, perhaps connected to the river outside. We continue on along the outer walls. Start to go in, find a potion storage area, looks like several broke and caused plants in the area to go wild. We find a couple unbroken. One in the shape of a whole, the other shaped like overlapping mountains. Looks custom made. The second is likely some sort of earth magic, usually distinctive….


We head out and continue forward, which seems to just go back to the entrance, though we also find the other side of the giant tree, as well as a small path through we had missed before. We head through to the one path we past by early on, near the NE corner. As we proceed down the hall, Luna stops us and points to a weirdly shaped stone on the floor. It's a pressure plate. We carefully move around it, hearing the bubbling of the river below. We come to a door with no handles or knobs, no obvious way to open it. Written on the door in flowery, glowing script are the words, "What has a bank but keeps no coin, …[get rest from Tori]" Chun speaks loudly, "a river", and suddenly the words seem to pulse and the door opens. We walk walk through to find another door, again marked with glowing text and another riddle, "From house to house I go, I'm lost if I'm forgotten, and whether there's rain or snow, I always stay outside." This one took us quite a bit more time. I remembered the words from the potion room, and the answer became clear. "THE Path" I spoke aloud, emphasizing 'the', and the door opened wide. In front of us is, of course, another door. This time though with a door knob, and without any glowing text written upon them. I touch the door carefully, aware it may be trapped, though nothing happens. Luna also listens at the door and hears nothing beyond. Seems the word on this door were only triggered when one touched the door knob, as a riddle did appear when Khemid reaches out and turns the knob opening the door. "What can you hold in your right hand, but not in your left?" It appeared that Khemid, being left handed, had opened it with his left hand to start with, bypassing the riddle entirely.

Day 8i Mama Burma's Orphans [Draft]

Waking up, I looked in on my other companions. Serp was fumbling around, on some kind of herbs, tripping over nothing. Luna tried to talk to their new goat friend, who they have named 'Old Sammy'. Kaz was sharpening skull's teeth…all morning. Our new companion, khemed did some sort of ritual meditative changing early in the morning. Just looked grumpy about it though, and sat in a corner for the rest of the morn. He did receive a map of the area from Lord Ellington, very beautifully detailed.

Once everyone is awake and prepared, we head out, to the south to find the farm Lord Ellington told us to check out. It was only about an hours walk away. There is a large farmhouse, which looks to be the main building, and a newer building likely to be the orphanage. There is a woman yelling at a young man outside. Serp tried to talk to her, but she doesn't seem to understand her well, thinks Serp is wants to eat the children for some reason. She seems very confused by our group in general. She just babbles on, doesn't seem to know much other than that the children are missing during the day. Her name is Mama Burma, the young man being George. George shows us around after convincing the woman to just go back to work and he'll handle us. He seems to know more on what happened to the missing children. He takes us to the kid's rooms. They are dorm-style, each kid having their own bed and small space for belongings. Each seems to have a small trinket, personal item sitting by their bed. Three of the children, who are always together, have dolls that George tell us, look like the children. One, Mia's, seems to be missing. The other two dolls belong to a girl and a boy, Aren and Weast. George remembers they had told a story around when the kids started going missing during the day. Something about an imaginary friend they played with in the woods, everyone thought it was just from a dream one of them had though. George takes us out to a path towards the woods, says they saw the children heading this way. Said he has tried to follow, but didn't get very far, too dangerous, goes into the Hall of Mossess. he takes us in a bit, then refuses to go any further. Serp licks him on the face as thanks? Strange creature. The lad runs back towards the farm as we continue on. Kaz seems to be able to track the children's trail, so we have little trouble finding our way. As we are walking along the path, we see a bird fly towards a tree, straight into some sort of invisible wall. I test the wall, it seems to be just on one side of the tree, covering it. Disappears after a minute or so. I shout out if anyone was nearby, no one answered. We continue on until we come across a group of about 10 children, one sitting in the center of the group looks to be injured. We say that Mama Burma sent us to find them, and they look less frightened by us. They case out here kind of on a dar, they said, wanted to pretend they were adventurer. Met Mia and them's friend, thought he wasn't real. Then it was like something was compelling them to come back every day, imaginary creatures not so imaginary. Six kids were taken, a ruin further than they had been before is up ahead, they ran. Evil creatures are there.

Missing are Mia, Aren, Werst, along with three of the younger kids, Whiet, Jeffrey, and Monet. Seems most of the youngest children of the group were taken, the most imaginative. Imaginary friend, a few differing descriptions, some call it a 'black fairy', one said it looked like the same size as Mia (5yrs old). Looked like something twisted in space and they disappeared. The ruins are an hour deeper in to the woods, they point to the east.

We help the kids back to the farm, they give us hugs and thank us. I don't really understand children. We head back towards the ruins they told us about. We start hearing sounds of a river nearby, and the sound of animals coming towards us. Three elk step out of the foliage, and then run away as Luna tries to approach them. As we head deeper in, the river gets louder. The trees suddenly thin as we come to a clearing. To our left, a river runs up to a large ruin of crumbling stone. Walls overgrown with foliage and trees, were once quite tall. Looks more overgrown than the surrounding forest. The river runs through a corner of the ruined walls, its about 200ft across, very old looking. I look in my "Stories of the Tahlab Forest" book, and find a note about some kind of shrine that looks to have been in this area on some of the maps. Seems to have been for some Neutral Good god of some sort, not super popular. Something about pilgrims had to continue to follow the path all the was to the center. A nomadic war tribe came through, the monks fled and the monastery was abandoned and forgotten. None have pilgrimaged since, that has been recorded. Seems like it should be in even more disrepair by the age of the book. A pathway just seems to go up to a broken part of the wall, the river probably once went around and wore into it as time went by. I see arrow slits up higher on the wall as defense. Doesn't seem to be any official entrance that we can find. 

We decide to rest and eat a bit before finding our way in.


Day 7ii The Mysterious Collective
As told by Palinouros of Galana

I've written down the conversation with Lord Ellington separately below, for ease of looking up later. 1

Lord Ellington spoke about a collective of like-minded individuals —they do not call themselves by any title, nor use names much at all for safety. They work together towards a goal of 'balance'. He explained, there was a time long ago where our civilization was very interconnected and the people worked together for common gain. There was peace, until one family sought to rule over all. A great war arose, many thousands perished, including most, if not all, of that power-hungry family —there are no known descendants. A group rose up to make sure nothing like that would ever occur again. This 'collective' are the descendants of that group. Lord Ellington is a sort of 'Welcomer' to new folks of interest to join, as well as a 'Collector of Material Power'. The items around his house are not his, but are kept safe and delivered to others as needed. Which is where we come in. He would like us to join as Couriers, to deliver items to various locations as we travel. We will be provided expenses for our travels while on jobs up front to live comfortably, as well as paid a sizable fee for each job depending on difficulty and time for completion. Quite an interesting proposal. We could definitely use the money now in order to afford the travel out of the area, and would of course be quite helpful in the future. All accept, it seems our new group may be traveling together for awhile.

He has an official job for us once the caravan comes through. An item needs to be delivered to Valkine, and we will escort it with the caravan. One of us, he point at myself, will be the official guard of the item, known by the caravan drivers. The others will need to find their own way to join the caravan, so as not to draw too much attention to what we are transporting.

In the meantime, the Lord Ellington has heard someone is permanently keeping open several portals in the Hall of Mosses, causing the troubles we have come across in the rainforest. I mention what Titus told us about the portals and blights, he doesn't bat an eye at the name, I am guessing they have already met. Nothing should surprise me about the lord anymore. 'Much worse will come out' he said to us. There is a portal located nearby he would like us to find and take care of if we are able. To the south, is a small farm which also runs an orphanage. They sent word into town that something weird is wrong with several of the children. They keep disappearing during the day into the forest, to return only in the evening, with no one able to find where they are going. We are tasked with following the children, to find out where they are going. Likely it has something to do with the portal, and some sort of item leading them into the forest. We must destroy this item, which Lord Ellington believes to be a token used to keep the portal open, or bring it back to him if we are unable to do so ourselves. He will tell us little else of what we may encounter, only that thing much more dangerous than blights are in the forest.

- Palinouros of Galana, in the Village of Stromel, on the Fifty-Seventh Day of Sperkho, in the Year of Raidho 972.

Treasury/Experience Log:
1 [see Day 7i]

Day 7i Shopping
As told by Palinouros of Galana

We arrive back into town around mid-afternoon, and head straight for the Lord's house. We knock on the door this time, Vigo answers and lets us in. He bids us to take off our coats and shoes, shows us to a locked crate in another room where we may leave our belongings, and hands me the key. Kaz declares we have the item the Lord Ellington requested. Vigo takes us through the huge house, the hallways seem unnaturally long and winding as it takes at leave 20 or so minutes to get back to the parlor. He bids us sit, and leaves to bring us tea and snacks. I sense something different in the room, and take advantage of our appeared solitude to more closely examine some of the magical items around the room.
- There is a wand of unknown kind.
- A feather sitting on a stand, with some delicate, faint writing in Auran – a poem about the feather god, Quetzalcoatl. I believe that is Serp's god.
- A book which is bound in some sort of monstrous hide, in some unknown script.
Several items have also been removed since we were here several days ago.

The door opens and in walks Lord Ellington. We say hello, I give him the love letter from Einin, an interesting lady I comment. We set the box on a small table,1 he opens it and pulls out the statue gingerly. He looked to be quite happy with the piece. He pays us for the delivery, quite a generous 100sp to us each (Luna, Kaz, and myself, Serp did not accompany us).2 As we sit to have tea, he explains to us that he is a part of a large group spread out across the country. They have been looking for couriers, assistants of some sort to carry out various, often somewhat dangerous tasks. They are not about self gain, or power. We would be trusted with various important secrets, and given some sort of inconspicuous identifiers. We would also, of course, be generously rewarded in both coin and other various means, and could always decline specific tasks if we deemed it too dangerous. He refuses to tell us anything more, however, until we have agreed to join this mysterious organization and work for them.

We all agree this sounds like a wonderful opportunity to fund our travels, and accept. He invites us to dinner later in the evening and has Vigo show us to rooms so we may rest.

Vigo takes us to a guest suite with several very nice rooms and a connected center living space. He says we may stay here for the remainder of our time in town. There is a nice writing desk in a quiet corner of the living room for me to write my journals. As I sit writing this, Luna is asking about any local markets in town, I'd like to stock up on a few things.

…I will continue when we return…

After finding out the outdoor village market has already closed down, and only opens a couple times a week to begin with, Vigo gives us directions to the smaller 'Berma's General Store' open daily for travelers. He warns it is not as well stocked as the village market, but Luna and I head over to check it out anyway. It's kind of a drab building sitting nearby the marketplace, a sign hanging on the door with letters fading. Inside it seemed set up haphazardly, with no care to any kind of order. Looked like a travelers store put together by those who don't travel. The products were fairly random, of varying degrees of use and quality. Took some searching, though I did find a few useful and intriguing items. Searching the towers of mostly worn down books, three caught my eye.
- One looks to be an old history book about The Hall of Mosses, though named differently the maps inside looked quite familiar.3
- Another was a diary written by an adventurer, by the name of Helmaer. Although I do not recognize the name, there were several topics of interest that popped out on a quick skim through.4
- The last book has me excited, it seems to be written in some sort of code. While it is written in Primordial, of which I am of course fluent, the words are utter nonsense.5
I also surprisingly found a Healing Potion6 while rummaging through the shelves of bobbles, though the owner had little idea what it was. Supposedly she just managed to stop her son from drinking it in time – think she thought it was some kind of poison or would turn him into a rat. Turned into my good luck as I was able to convince her to throw it in with the books in exchange for a few pounds of saffron we had gathered in the woods. Walking back outside after making my purchases, I find Luna is now the very excited new owner of a Goat7 they bought off a local farmer. Why a goat?

I also checked in over at The Shepard & Rose for any news coming out of the city. Not too much of interest, news of the explosion out at the Mage Academy has reached out here, and something about it being connected to an accident on one of the trade ships at the port, which is impossible. I never went anywhere near the port. Seems it has caused a few new restrictions to be put in place, on magic allowed in the city.

We arrived back at Lord Ellington's Estate, just as Vigo popped in to announce that dinner would 'be served momentarily', if we would like to change. That last part definitely had a hint of disdain as he looked us up and down, and waited until we were more 'properly' dressed. I pulled out my formal Mage robes from the academy, might as well get some use out of them.

We were led into a large dining room in a different section of the estate, much more formal than the other rooms we had seen so far. A stranger sat at one end of the table, looked somewhat familiar though I can not place where – perhaps on the tour a few days past. His face is mostly shrouded underneath a large hooded cloak. Once Lord Ellington arrived, we sat to eat. Vigo, assisted by a young woman, brought in a soup to start, a fresh fish plate, and a main entree of duck. Each dish seemed to be catered to our own tastes. Kaz's look more exotic and well, raw. The stranger's are more high class, fancier as if served to some sort of nobility. The entire meal was beautifully executed, satisfying, and quite delicious.

Afterwards we withdrew to the private sitting room to discuss the business of future work with this organization Lord Ellington spoke of. The conversation of which I will record separately.8

The rest of the evening was spent mostly in study and craft. I had a few hours to myself to look through the book I purchased. The History book is written in Old Common, titled Stories of the Tahalb Forest. Skimming through for any mention of some sort of portals, I do find the word in connection to some unfamiliar city which does not appear on any map I've seen, or could find in the book itself. Nothing about how they appear, or where they come from, just a warning not to try stepping through them.

The Diary seems to be from around 50 years ago, very well written as if by a scholar. All mostly in common, though with some notes in what looks to be Dwarvish marked in on several pages. I would speculate that to be the writer's first language.

The Primordial Ciphered text, I am fairly certain is in some sort of code, an alphabetical letter substitution. It will take some time to decipher, though I believe I have discovered what "A" is.

- Palinouros of Galana, in the Village of Stromel, on the Fifty-Seventh Day of Sperkho, in the Year of Raidho 972.

Treasury/Experience Log:
1 Delivery of Letter and Sculpture complete.
2 Reward = 300sp [100 to each Luna, Kaz, Ouro]
3 Book bought: Stories of the Tahlab Forest, traded for 1lb of Saffron [Ouro]
4 Book bought: Diary of the Adventurer Helmaer, traded for 1lb of Saffron [Ouro]
5 Book bought: Primordial Cipher text, traded for 1lb of Saffron [Ouro]
6 Bought a Potion of Healing, essentially got for free as an add-on with the books [Ouro]
7 Acquired a Goat [Luna]
8 [See Day 7: Part II]
Wealth Level: Comfortable [All]
471 XP each [Kaz, Ouro] and 321 XP [Luna]

Day 6 The Prince Of Centaurs
As told by Palinouros of Galana

We pack up in the morning and say our goodbyes, thank Einin for the food. She coyly handed me a letter1 to give to Lord Ellington, and the statue now wrapped up and boxed protectively. 2 Luna's new little pet was waiting for us outside the cottage, and immediately climbed up on their shoulder again as we headed back into the forest. We explained to Kaz as we walk how Einin had been pretty much flirting with him the entire time, and that is likely what Lord Ellington had meant by saying she likes alive things. He seems even more confused at human behavior.

I started getting the feeling of deja vu again, as we walk through the forest and a wind started blowing around us. The tree then suddenly became much denser as darkness enveloped us. Perhaps we simply had turned to far south and had headed deeper into the forest, it was a strange feeling though. Almost as suddenly, the tree thinned again and the sun shone through. Luna's pet disappeared sometime in the darkness. A sense of foreboding came over me, though I sensed no magic nor any presence nearby. Luna's pet reappeared and rushed to them, looking extremely agitated. Still I sense nothing as we continue. A short while later, the ground starts shaking as I hear the sound of hooves hitting the ground coming towards us.

Four centaurs gallop out of the trees, seemed to be following something though stopped when they saw us. One of them, looks pretty young, excitedly walks over to us and says hello, I think twice – once in Sylvan and once in what sounded like Elvish. I say hello back, as does Luna I guess – and also asks something weird from the centaur's expression back. One of the older centaurs asks, again in both languages and somewhat aggressively, why we are here in the forest. I answered how we had just come from Einin th crafter to pick up an item for delivery, and thought it wouldn't hurt to mention we are friends of Artetu which seemed to surprise them and they relaxed immediately. Artetu seems to be well respected here at least. The young centaur spoke up introducing the party, "I am Prince Firenzy, this one who is a bit grumpy 'cause he is supposed to protect me in Bane," the two others he introduces as Ronin and Megorian. I introduce myself and my companions, and bow respectfully. The Prince explains they are hunting some beast called a Tree Platipuse, and can't stay to chat, but asks if we will come back into the forest again soon.3 He seems excited at the possibility to talk with us again. I promise we will come back to visit another time soon, we will need to get through the forest at some point in any case. The Prince says he will smell us if we come back into the forest, and will come find us. As they head off, I turn and see Kaz just looking at us strangely, I realize he had no idea what was happening as we were not speaking in common. Luna and I explain who they were as we continue on towards Stromel. As the sky darkens, we make camp in the forest.

- Palinouros of Galana, in the Village of Stromel, on the Fifty-Sixth Day of Sperkho, in the Year of Raidho 972.

Treasury/Experience Log:
1Gained a Love Letter to Lord Ellington written by Einin
2Gained the Statue to be delivered to Lord Ellington
3Granted an Invitation to visit with the Centaur Prince next time we come through the forest.

Day 5 The Smithy
As told by Palinouros of Galana

As we continue through the forest the next day, I suddenly have a feeling of deja vu, as I see a parrot-like bird flying overhead. I just leave it alone this time. We see a strange creature up ahead sitting up in a tree. Kind of looks like some sort of monkey, though only a bit larger than a sugar glider, with fur colored in a mix of white/grey/and black. I place an open bag below it, and try to levitate it down like I did with the bird before. It grabs onto a branch, holding on, withstanding my pull. Doesn't seem to be bothered much. Luna walks over and starts…petting it? I think anyway, with their mage hand. The tiny monkey just sits, cleaning itself. Luna's mage hand picks it up and carries it down to us. The animal almost immediately climbs onto their shoulder and just sits there as Luna pets its head.1 It seems to have taken a liking to them, as it stays with us until we reach a small cottage matching the description Lord Ellington gave, around mid-afternoon. The tiny monkey, looking a bit disturbed, climbs down and sits to the side, seeming to be waiting for us to be done, as we walk up.

The cottage looks fairly normal if not for the very large chimney with smoke billowing out, and a smithy's furnace attached to the side. I knock on the front door, and shortly the door opens, a woman in smithy's clothes answers. She asks who we are, so I hand her the letter of authorization2 and state we were sent by the Lord Ellington to pick up the item he ordered. She studies the letter, looking up at us. "We brought you some gifts," I say and hand her the bag of animals.3 She seems a bit confused by the gifts as she invites us in. "So Lord Draffolk did not come himself, that is too bad, I hoped to see his face." She seems to start trying to flirt with Kaz, complimenting the lizard, who has zero idea or course and just kind of looks at her weirdly. She turns to me, "and you brought me gifts, you're so sweet!" "Oh yes, Lord Ellington asked us to" I quickly add. She asks us to stay for dinner, and overnight, 'until the light is lights again' as she still needs to finish tweaking the item. "I didn't quite catch your name?" Kaz speaks up again. She introduces herself properly, as Einin, and extends her had towards him so he may kiss it. He, of course, is just confused by the human gesture. I whisper to him to shake the hand, and he does so awkwardly. She looked pretty disappointed. I think I am starting to understand what Lord Ellington meant by 'tends to get attached to living things'. She gives us a quick tour, then has us set up for dinner as she heads in the back to finish working. The place is interesting, both much like what you would expect a smithy to look like and not at all what you would imagine. Tools you would expect seem to be missing, strangely-shaped tools like I've never seen before in their place, and objects from other trades.

She walked back in with a tall object covered with a sheet, and sets it in the middle of the table before serving the food. Dinner is some sort of stew with ingredients scavenged from the forest. After dinner, Kaz convinces Einin to reveal what is underneath the sheet. It is an intricate statue of a fae sprite-like creature dancing, ribbons swirling around the creature. Seems to be made of some sort of inherently magical material, familiar to the magic I felt around Titus. "I'll be sad to let her go, she was a difficult one. Some have their own mind." Einin spoke of her creation, kind of like it was alive. We asked a bit about the statue, if her creations are merely decorative or utalitarian, to which she responded they can be both. Lord Ellington never asks such things, only for her to make a piece, 'however it goes'.

She laid out a few straw mattresses for us to sleep on. Also mentioned that Lord Ellington had set up a protective barrier around the cottage for her, and indeed I notice a faint aura surround the area. We will head back in the morning.

- Palinouros of Galana, in the Village of Stromel, on the Fifty-Fifth Day of Sperkho, in the Year of Raidho 972.

Treasury/Experience Log:
1 Gained a Pet Lemur (Luna)
2 Delivered the Letter of Authorization from Lord Ellington
3 Gifted 1 Sugar Glider, and 2 Parrots


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