Sundays at the Treehouse

Day 7ii The Mysterious Collective

As told by Palinouros of Galana

I've written down the conversation with Lord Ellington separately below, for ease of looking up later. 1

Lord Ellington spoke about a collective of like-minded individuals —they do not call themselves by any title, nor use names much at all for safety. They work together towards a goal of 'balance'. He explained, there was a time long ago where our civilization was very interconnected and the people worked together for common gain. There was peace, until one family sought to rule over all. A great war arose, many thousands perished, including most, if not all, of that power-hungry family —there are no known descendants. A group rose up to make sure nothing like that would ever occur again. This 'collective' are the descendants of that group. Lord Ellington is a sort of 'Welcomer' to new folks of interest to join, as well as a 'Collector of Material Power'. The items around his house are not his, but are kept safe and delivered to others as needed. Which is where we come in. He would like us to join as Couriers, to deliver items to various locations as we travel. We will be provided expenses for our travels while on jobs up front to live comfortably, as well as paid a sizable fee for each job depending on difficulty and time for completion. Quite an interesting proposal. We could definitely use the money now in order to afford the travel out of the area, and would of course be quite helpful in the future. All accept, it seems our new group may be traveling together for awhile.

He has an official job for us once the caravan comes through. An item needs to be delivered to Valkine, and we will escort it with the caravan. One of us, he point at myself, will be the official guard of the item, known by the caravan drivers. The others will need to find their own way to join the caravan, so as not to draw too much attention to what we are transporting.

In the meantime, the Lord Ellington has heard someone is permanently keeping open several portals in the Hall of Mosses, causing the troubles we have come across in the rainforest. I mention what Titus told us about the portals and blights, he doesn't bat an eye at the name, I am guessing they have already met. Nothing should surprise me about the lord anymore. 'Much worse will come out' he said to us. There is a portal located nearby he would like us to find and take care of if we are able. To the south, is a small farm which also runs an orphanage. They sent word into town that something weird is wrong with several of the children. They keep disappearing during the day into the forest, to return only in the evening, with no one able to find where they are going. We are tasked with following the children, to find out where they are going. Likely it has something to do with the portal, and some sort of item leading them into the forest. We must destroy this item, which Lord Ellington believes to be a token used to keep the portal open, or bring it back to him if we are unable to do so ourselves. He will tell us little else of what we may encounter, only that thing much more dangerous than blights are in the forest.

- Palinouros of Galana, in the Village of Stromel, on the Fifty-Seventh Day of Sperkho, in the Year of Raidho 972.

Treasury/Experience Log:
1 [see Day 7i]



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