Sundays at the Treehouse

Day 7ii The Mysterious Collective draft

As told by Palinouros of Galana

I've written down the conversation with Lord Ellington separately below, for ease of looking up later.

Lord Ellington spoke about a collective of like-minded individuals —they do not call themselves by any title, nor use names much at all for safety. They work together towards a goal of 'balance'. He explained, there was a time long ago where our civilization was very interconnected and the people worked together for common gain. There was peace, until one family sought to rule over all. A great war arose, many thousands perished, including most, if not all, of that power-hungry family —there are no known descendants. A group rose up to make sure nothing like that would ever occur again. This 'collective' are the descendants of that group. Lord Ellington is a sort of 'Welcomer' to new folks of interest to join, as well as a 'Collector of Material Power'. The items around his house are not his, but are kept safe and delivered to others as needed. Which is where we come in. He would like us to join as Couriers, to deliver items to various locations as we travel.



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