Sundays at the Treehouse

Day 8i Mama Burma's Orphans [Draft]

Waking up, I looked in on my other companions. Serp was fumbling around, on some kind of herbs, tripping over nothing. Luna tried to talk to their new goat friend, who they have named 'Old Sammy'. Kaz was sharpening skull's teeth…all morning. Our new companion, khemed did some sort of ritual meditative changing early in the morning. Just looked grumpy about it though, and sat in a corner for the rest of the morn. He did receive a map of the area from Lord Ellington, very beautifully detailed.

Once everyone is awake and prepared, we head out, to the south to find the farm Lord Ellington told us to check out. It was only about an hours walk away. There is a large farmhouse, which looks to be the main building, and a newer building likely to be the orphanage. There is a woman yelling at a young man outside. Serp tried to talk to her, but she doesn't seem to understand her well, thinks Serp is wants to eat the children for some reason. She seems very confused by our group in general. She just babbles on, doesn't seem to know much other than that the children are missing during the day. Her name is Mama Burma, the young man being George. George shows us around after convincing the woman to just go back to work and he'll handle us. He seems to know more on what happened to the missing children. He takes us to the kid's rooms. They are dorm-style, each kid having their own bed and small space for belongings. Each seems to have a small trinket, personal item sitting by their bed. Three of the children, who are always together, have dolls that George tell us, look like the children. One, Mia's, seems to be missing. The other two dolls belong to a girl and a boy, Aren and Weast. George remembers they had told a story around when the kids started going missing during the day. Something about an imaginary friend they played with in the woods, everyone thought it was just from a dream one of them had though. George takes us out to a path towards the woods, says they saw the children heading this way. Said he has tried to follow, but didn't get very far, too dangerous, goes into the Hall of Mossess. he takes us in a bit, then refuses to go any further. Serp licks him on the face as thanks? Strange creature. The lad runs back towards the farm as we continue on. Kaz seems to be able to track the children's trail, so we have little trouble finding our way. As we are walking along the path, we see a bird fly towards a tree, straight into some sort of invisible wall. I test the wall, it seems to be just on one side of the tree, covering it. Disappears after a minute or so. I shout out if anyone was nearby, no one answered. We continue on until we come across a group of about 10 children, one sitting in the center of the group looks to be injured. We say that Mama Burma sent us to find them, and they look less frightened by us. They case out here kind of on a dar, they said, wanted to pretend they were adventurer. Met Mia and them's friend, thought he wasn't real. Then it was like something was compelling them to come back every day, imaginary creatures not so imaginary. Six kids were taken, a ruin further than they had been before is up ahead, they ran. Evil creatures are there.

Missing are Mia, Aren, Werst, along with three of the younger kids, Whiet, Jeffrey, and Monet. Seems most of the youngest children of the group were taken, the most imaginative. Imaginary friend, a few differing descriptions, some call it a 'black fairy', one said it looked like the same size as Mia (5yrs old). Looked like something twisted in space and they disappeared. The ruins are an hour deeper in to the woods, they point to the east.

We help the kids back to the farm, they give us hugs and thank us. I don't really understand children. We head back towards the ruins they told us about. We start hearing sounds of a river nearby, and the sound of animals coming towards us. Three elk step out of the foliage, and then run away as Luna tries to approach them. As we head deeper in, the river gets louder. The trees suddenly thin as we come to a clearing. To our left, a river runs up to a large ruin of crumbling stone. Walls overgrown with foliage and trees, were once quite tall. Looks more overgrown than the surrounding forest. The river runs through a corner of the ruined walls, its about 200ft across, very old looking. I look in my "Stories of the Tahlab Forest" book, and find a note about some kind of shrine that looks to have been in this area on some of the maps. Seems to have been for some Neutral Good god of some sort, not super popular. Something about pilgrims had to continue to follow the path all the was to the center. A nomadic war tribe came through, the monks fled and the monastery was abandoned and forgotten. None have pilgrimaged since, that has been recorded. Seems like it should be in even more disrepair by the age of the book. A pathway just seems to go up to a broken part of the wall, the river probably once went around and wore into it as time went by. I see arrow slits up higher on the wall as defense. Doesn't seem to be any official entrance that we can find. 

We decide to rest and eat a bit before finding our way in.




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