Sundays at the Treehouse

Day 8ii Magician's Monastary [Draft]

As told by Palinouros of Galana

We head into the ruins through the broken wall the path leads up to, and find ourselves in  a hallway. Ahead is a crack in the wall small enough for maybe serp to fit through, another path goes forward, and one to the right which we follow for a short distance, until we find a door. Inside we find what looks to be remains of a dorm room. At the far end, the wall is totally gone, seems to lead elsewhere in the ruins. A large tree stands along the path. Seems like it was magically grown up into the roof, pushing it outwards I climb up and see similar looking trees poking out. To the left is a flooded section of flowing water, perhaps connected to the river outside. We continue on along the outer walls. Start to go in, find a potion storage area, looks like several broke and caused plants in the area to go wild. We find a couple unbroken. One in the shape of a whole, the other shaped like overlapping mountains. Looks custom made. The second is likely some sort of earth magic, usually distinctive….


We head out and continue forward, which seems to just go back to the entrance, though we also find the other side of the giant tree, as well as a small path through we had missed before. We head through to the one path we past by early on, near the NE corner. As we proceed down the hall, Luna stops us and points to a weirdly shaped stone on the floor. It's a pressure plate. We carefully move around it, hearing the bubbling of the river below. We come to a door with no handles or knobs, no obvious way to open it. Written on the door in flowery, glowing script are the words, "What has a bank but keeps no coin, …[get rest from Tori]" Chun speaks loudly, "a river", and suddenly the words seem to pulse and the door opens. We walk walk through to find another door, again marked with glowing text and another riddle, "From house to house I go, I'm lost if I'm forgotten, and whether there's rain or snow, I always stay outside." This one took us quite a bit more time. I remembered the words from the potion room, and the answer became clear. "THE Path" I spoke aloud, emphasizing 'the', and the door opened wide. In front of us is, of course, another door. This time though with a door knob, and without any glowing text written upon them. I touch the door carefully, aware it may be trapped, though nothing happens. Luna also listens at the door and hears nothing beyond. Seems the word on this door were only triggered when one touched the door knob, as a riddle did appear when Khemid reaches out and turns the knob opening the door. "What can you hold in your right hand, but not in your left?" It appeared that Khemid, being left handed, had opened it with his left hand to start with, bypassing the riddle entirely.



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